Dear Fashionista I would like a new coat

As the season changes from summer into autumn I am reminded by the harsh wind that I have left my lovely warm coat at home. Thankfully my purchase of the much wanted leather jacket has indeed come in handy. But there is something about wrapping a long coat around your body and tied with a fabulous leather belt.

Lately I have been watching ‘old films’ and have been inspired by the fashion so much that I cannot stop thinking about the gorgeous red, funnel necked coat that Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1965 film Charade. I found this great blog all about style in films, one to check out! (stylematters)

And so here is my A/W coat wish list/inspiration:

Whistles Jaime Animal Car Coat £295


Dolce and Gabbana fur collared cape £1940

Dolce and Gabbana


Topshop Unique £295

Topshop textured coatigan £79

All of these coats are lovely. For me though I’d rather not buy a coat straight from the high street because there’s nothing worse than bumping into a stranger with the same coat as you! And so this is why I love looking around vintage markets because all the coats now are just reworked editions of the past, so why not have an original?

Many thanks,


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