The New ELLE Magazine

Elle Magazine

This morning I woke to find my new issue of ELLE magazine freshly delivered to my doorstep. As I quickly skimmed through the mound of glossy pages I discovered to my surprise it had been ‘revamped’.


In the previous issue the Editors Letter landed on page 41, in the March issue it wasn’t until  page 89. I understand these post recession times must obviously call for heavy marketing and we are moving into the next season of trends. But I dislike the thick pages of adverts and have found they are not so easy to tear out. Why do I would I want to carry around over 100 pages of adverts when all I want is to read my magazine.

I also found the layout somewhat bare. Lots of blank spaces and bold writing, rather like a website. Instead of overload it is underload. If I can find this style of content for free online, what am I paying £3.90 for?

The beauty pages did make up for lack of space with beautiful pictures and realistic tips.

So is it time for ELLE and I to part ways?

Not so fast. I’ve been a dedicated reader of this magazine for over four years and I won’t give up that easy. I’ll make my decision next month. But for now… Vogue.

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